Kuba & Pilař architekti is an architectural office founded in Brno in 1998 by Ladislav Kuba and Tomáš Pilař. It ranks among the country’s pre-eminent architectural studios and has won several Grand Prix architectural competitions. Kuba & Pilař are well known for their signature minimalistic style, using architectural concrete. Both architects reference the tradition of pre-war Czech and contemporary architecture as their inspiration.

You may know their Na Krutci residential complex in Prague, the bold Omega department store on Freedom Square in Brno, or the Church of Saint Anthony in the village of Černá, strikingly reminiscent of Noah’s Ark.

Both architects, who know Brno very well, were well aware of the extraordinary nature of the site. On the very same street is the so-called House for Two Brothers, a modernist masterpiece by Otto Eisler, built in 1930–1931 for himself and his brother. Together with the nearby house in Lipová Street, it was the only Czechoslovak building featured in the catalogue of the International Style exhibition, organised by the New York Museum of Modern Arts the following year. Eisler, who built several buildings locally, may have been a source of inspiration for the contemporary work of Tomáš Pilař. They share a love of function combined with comfort, the beauty of simplicity and an aversion to pompous architectural gesture.