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The Neumanka apartment building is located in Neumannova Street, part of Brno’s desirable Masarykova čtvrť residential area, regarded as one of the best residential areas in the city. The quarter is characterised not only by luxury villas, but also by its unique conditions, suitable for housing and investment. The peaceful environment, great accessibility and exceptional architecture are just some of the advantages that guarantee satisfied residents.

The name Neumanka is derived from the name of the street in which the building is located. The street was named after the city’s important conductor and composer František Neumann, who also worked as the opera director of National Theatre and contributed to its exceptional success.

In addition to the 47 apartments, the complex also contains 61 parking spaces and a few dozen cellars. Each apartment has its own terrace, loggia, balcony or garden. There is a sealed off residential area for inhabitants in front of the complex.

A private sauna for residents is also part of the project. Make a personal reservation and relax in privacy without the necessity of commuting anywhere.

There are 47 apartments in Neumanka apartment complex.

The sizes of individual apartments are designed so that clients can choose the apartment that suits them best. From a smaller pied-à-terre (1 bedroom, kitchen and bathroom) to much more spacious apartments (4 bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom). The apartment floor areas range from 31 m2 to 112 m2. Apartments can be interconnected according to new owners’ needs, thereby resulting in several really high-standard apartments.

A wide range of such possibilities is available. That’s why our clients get additional services and counselling at our Client Centre. The customer is provided with a personal assistant and if necessary, an architect, client modification advisor and kitchen designer.

For prospective home-owners in the Neumanka apartment building, TRIKAYA provides clients with an attractive opportunity to finance their new housing. Housing can naturally be financed using any financial product available on the Czech real-estate market (building savings, mortgages and combinations of financial products). In addition, as part of our Client Centre, a financial advisor is available to help clients compare the financial products of different banks and financial institutions, and advise them on choosing the right option to ensure maximum satisfaction.

The Client Centre is open every workday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (with a lunch break). It is a point of communication where the client can arrange everything in one place – from choosing colours for floor tiles to getting a loan. A personal sales assistant is available for each client, to assist and guide them. A client modification assistant and financial advisor for mortgage financing are available for the needs of the entire centre. An information Green Line has also been set up for our clients (800 888 787). Meetings in the Client Centre need to be arranged for a specific time and date in advance.

We recognise the importance of parking spots and storage. With each apartment there is a possibility to buy at least one parking spot. Almost all apartments include storage inside the apartment – a cloakroom or pantry. All two and multi-room apartments have a separate toilet. All apartments have a practical balcony, terrace or loggia. Apartments in lower floors offer practical gardens, useful for summer barbecues with friends. There are plenty of green areas in the gardens for clients to cultivate their own plants.

High quality materials will be used in the construction and we will adhere to the strictest environmental standards. Significant energy savings are therefore guaranteed. The use of lime-sand bricks, which meet the most stringent quality requirements for passive and low-energy buildings, is the greatest benefit. Not only do the sand-lime bricks have excellent thermoregulatory properties, they are also dampen-sound. Large-format wooden windows with triple glazing also contribute to the high standard of housing.

The apartment complex will have 61 covered parking spots for 47 apartments. If necessary, surplus spots can be bought additionally.

Upon completion, management services will be provided by an association of unit owners (UOA). The investor will establish a default set of rules for managing the buildings when the UOA is set up, similarly for the management firm. After that, management will be handled by the UOA. The owners of each apartment will therefore have the opportunity to decide on management matters.

Lower heating and apartment running costs can be expected thanks to the use of high quality materials adhering to strict standards. Wooden insulating windows and sand-lime bricks are the main advantages. The thermal accumulation properties of sand-lime bricks make them ideal for use in passive and low-energy homes.

Even though the apartment building is in a quiet area, civic amenities are good. The Masarykova čtvrť residential area has long been a coveted place to live within the city. There are a kindergarten, primary school, grocery shop, pharmacy and various restaurants near the buildings.  Neumannova and Lipová public transport stops are also available nearby. Also close are a cycle path, the Wilson Forest woodland park and the Kraví hora recreational sports complex.

The premises are very safe for children. The building is located in a safe street, with a private entrance for residents.

The apartment building is located in the quiet Neumannova Street on the slopes of Kraví hora in Brno. It is a unique locality, which provides its residents with convenient access to the city centre and a high quality environment. Not many places in Brno can provide all these advantages at once. The site of the apartment complex is living proof that good transport links and a close motorway junction needn’t be a compromise.

In contrast to other projects in Brno, you won’t be bothered by construction works while living in Neumanka. From a housing development perspective, the whole area is stable since there are no other plots left to build on. Nor are there any subsequent construction phases to follow on this project.